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Surface Sanitizing Products

Today more than ever, it is important that you take the appropriate measures to help protect surfaces against the threat of harmful microbes. We understand the importance of creating a cleaner and more hygienic environment so those who work at or visit your business, home or vehicle can have greater peace of mind. That's why germinator provides the options so you can #DIY and sanitize the spaces and places where you work, live and play.

Electrostatic Science
ElectrosprayerDisinfectants are typically applied to surfaces using hand-held trigger sprayers, pump sprayers, towelettes, or misters. Electrostatic sprayers produce a uniform output of very small, electrically charged droplets. The droplets are attracted to surfaces but repel one another. The nozzle induces a charge and atomizes the solution. The particles are attracted to and uniformly coat the surface. Charged particles are attracted to and looking for a surface to ground to. Solution reaches and wraps around surfaces. Surfaces are uniformly coated with the solution.
Aeras Backpack Buy
AERAS-Backpack Powered by AER-Force
The AERAS-Backpack powered by AER-Force is a cordless commercial electrostatic backpack sprayer that sets the standard for effectiveness. These backpacks feature a custom designed brushless motor that produces an electrostatic charge that lasts for 60 seconds (6x longer than others), with 93 CFM rate of fluid disbursement that can uniformly cover up to 1,500 sq ft/min.
90 MINUTES OF BATTERY LIFE The AERAS-Backpack represents the first electrostatic backpack of its kind to offer interchangeable lithium ion batteries. Each battery can produce 90 minutes of use for each full charge.
30,000 SQ FT ON 1 TANK Capable of holding up to 2.5 gallons of Germinator solutions, the AERAS-Backpack can sanitize over 30,000 square feet on just one tank.
SAFE ON ELECTRONICS & DOCUMENTS With its adjustable micron levels, the AERAS-Backpack can reduce its microns from 50 microns all the way down to 5 micros (representing a 10x improvement vs competing products). This feature allows the AERAS-Backpack to safely sanitize electronics and sensitive legal documents.
Aeras Mini Powered By Aer-Force Buy
AERAS-Mini Powered by AER-Force
For smaller sanitization jobs, the AERAS lineup includes the AERAS-mini, the most advanced handheld electrostatic sprayer on the market. Powered by its AER-Force technology, these personal handheld units electrostatically charge particles and deploy Germinator solutions to uniformly wrap surfaces with complete coverage. The AERAS-mini is perfect for automobiles, small offices and other personal spaces to sanitize all surfaces including door handles, bookcases, bathroom and kitchen surfaces.
10 SECOND CHARGE OF ELECTROSTATIC PARTICLES The AERAS-mini maintains an electrostatic charge on particles for 10 seconds (3x the competition) but at 60% lower cost than others.
3 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE The AERAS-mini is a cordless unit chargeable via any standard electrical outlet or with a USB port. On a single charge, the AERAS-mini can provide up to 3 hours of sanitization ability.
ADJUSTABLE MICRON LEVELS Like the AERAS-Backpack, the AERAS-mini can reduce its microns from 40 microns all the way down to 5 micros (representing a 10x improvement vs competing products). This feature allows the AERAS-mini to safely sanitize mobile phones, tablets and toys.
EASY TWIST-IN TANK The tank for the AERAS-mini is easy to install, holds up to 20 ounces of your preferred Germinator solution, and is completely dishwasher safe. These handheld units also provide peace-of-mind storage with an included cap that allows for the solution tank to be stored remotely from the handheld unit and out of reach of children.
You can also choose a #DIFM option and Germinator will come to your location
and provide our full 4-step patent-pending process.
To learn more about our products and services call us today at 855-NO-GERMZ (664-3769)
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