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Germinator Expands into Three New Territories

Germinator opens three new Franchises in the Carolinas as the sanitizing and disinfecting industry experiences growing demand.

April 01, 2020

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ATLANTA — April 1, 2020 — Germinator has opened three new franchises in territories spanning across the Carolinas. A leader in an industry that was experiencing growing demand pre-COVID-19, it's no surprise that Germinator has started to catch the attention of aspiring business owners who are seeing the rapid rise of the sanitizing and disinfecting industry, which shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Germinator Opens Three New Franchises Across the Carolinas

Hunter Credle of Durham, North Carolina, Scott Odom of the South Carolina Lowcountry and couple Ryan and Sara Gerbino of Charlotte, North Carolina all opened Germinator franchises in their respective territories —making them part of the growing initiative to provide a one-of-a-kind service to local communities. Germinator Durham, Germinator Lowcountry and Germinator Charlotte all mark the beginning of a new wave of franchises that will bring residents greater peace of mind.

The company's innovative patent-pending process provides a new generation of microbial protection for residential and commercial establishments.

Once residents and business owners alike learn about the power of Germinator's process, this new discovery will pave the way for endless markets in a franchise's local area. That means unlimited opportunities to service a multitude of different businesses and residential areas and unlimited potential for repeat business.

3 New Franchises Spanning Across the Carolinas Mark the Company's Rapid Growth
For the new franchise owners in the Carolinas, Germinator is more than just a great business opportunity. Hunter, Scott, Ryan and Sara saw a chance to service their communities by making people feel more comfortable no matter where they are. For these new business owners, the feeling of helping a community thrive again and restoring a sense of comfort and normality goes way beyond profit.

Throughout his years working in home and commercial property restoration with his other national franchise, Sir Grout, the founder and CEO of Germinator kept hearing about people being exposed to bacteria and viruses and constantly coming across mold and mildew while doing jobs at a variety of different homes and businesses. Gill states, "Sir Grout brought us into literally thousands of homes and businesses. One of the common things I would encounter was people talking about their kids that got sick at school, or how many people were out from work because the flu or some illness was going around. I asked myself why there wasn't a business that addressed the issue of reducing the threat of germs, bacteria and viruses in homes, schools and other businesses."

After countless interactions with customers in homes and businesses who wanted a method for proper sanitizing and disinfecting, the founder decided there had to be a business that was dedicated to providing the most effective solution to create more hygienic environments. He realized that there was a major difference between routine cleaning and true sanitizing and disinfecting.

Therefore, COVID-19 has now done something that Germinator originally set out to do before the pandemic began; get rid of the old way of thinking and introduce a new, beyond-the-norm way of looking at hygiene. Simply put, the general population had never paid much attention to the threat of microorganisms, even though they are everywhere.

People disregarded the importance of thorough hygiene, possibly because bacteria cannot be seen. Most people only worried about cleaning something if it "looked dirty." Now, the public is starting to understand that viruses and bacteria can be fully present even if their surroundings look clean and Germinator is on a mission to spread awareness and restore peace and comfort.
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Germinator celebrates the opening of its three new territories and congratulates the new business owners in the Carolinas. Together, every franchise will build a new level of confidence both at home and in the workplace for people who are a part of their communities, which is a service that goes beyond monetary value.

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