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Disinfecting the Workplace for COVID-19

February 15, 2021

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Many companies have had to shut down during the pandemic, while companies deemed "essential" stayed open. With most businesses reopening finally, one thing holds true for every situation and it's the fact that the workplace is a breeding ground for COVID-19 and other illnesses caused by germs, viruses, and bacteria. When you go to work, you're taking with you all of the germs and bacteria you've come into contact with, and your co-workers are doing the same. While you're at work, you share surfaces with your co-workers and are often in close contact with them. When you leave, germs, viruses, and bacteria leave with you. When you consider all of this, it's not a surprise that going to work presents a health risk, especially during a global pandemic. That's why disinfecting the workplace for COVID-19, and germs in general, is so critical.

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Many larger companies have a janitorial staff in charge of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. For smaller companies, that duty often falls upon the owner or their employees. In both cases, you can't always be sure the job has been done adequately. Even larger janitorial companies may not be able to sanitize and disinfect every surface that needs to be addressed. Many simply do not have the proper equipment or the employees who understand the importance of proper sanitizing and disinfecting.

As a business owner, there is no way to know how effective your janitorial staff is unless you are monitoring them. You just assume they know what they're doing. Mom-and-pop shop owners, of course, do the best they can, but their methods are usually inefficient because they lack the means to do a thorough job. Most mom-and-pop operations will most likely wipe surfaces down with cleaner and call it a day.

It isn't just about cleaning. According to the CDC, sanitizing and disinfecting regularly is essential in helping to prevent the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria. In the workplace, there are so many surfaces where pathogens thrive. Restrooms, break rooms, light switches, phones, office equipment, meeting rooms, and even files and folders on a random table can present the threat of harboring germs, viruses, and bacteria. It is difficult for many cleaning crews to take care of all of those surfaces adequately using traditional cleaning products and methods, and sometimes we have to leave sanitizing and disinfecting up to the professionals like Germinator.

Germinator offers an effective, affordable, and convenient way to treat homes and businesses of all sizes. Our patent-pending process uses EPA-registered products, includes a verification component, and we apply our solutions using an electrostatic sprayer to target all of the major touch points and surfaces that are frequently contaminated and the hard-to-reach places that often get overlooked. Our process is ideal for schools and daycares, restaurants and bars, medical buildings and hospitals, long-term care facilities, rental properties, public gyms, offices, warehouses, and any other public area where the threat of germs, viruses, and bacteria needs to be controlled.

Germinator is convenient. We come to you as often as you need us. We also offer a maintenance program that lets us test and evaluate your surfaces to ensure you maintain a hospital-grade level of cleanliness in any space. As a business owner, you give your customers and your employees peace of mind, knowing that you have taken extra measures to help reduce the threat of pathogens in the workplace. As we move beyond the pandemic, it will continue to be essential that we do all we can to keep our surroundings clean, sanitized, and disinfected. The workplace is at the top of the list.

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Germinator is your best choice for your sanitizing and disinfecting needs for many reasons:

Knowledge and Experience: This is our specialty. Since 2015, we have been 100% focused on just sanitizing and disinfecting services. We have conducted extensive studies based on experiments with other methods like ozone, UV light, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, and other quats. These studies were reviewed by our Scientific Board comprised of top medical professionals, including a former United States Assistant Surgeon General for five administrations.

Product Efficacy: Based on this review, Germinator acquired the products that would provide the most effective combination for sanitizing and disinfecting and protection services available for commercial applications on the market. Our products are EPA registered to be effective for their intended uses and further validated by our own Scientific Board.

Patent-Pending: The methodology developed by Germinator is patent-pending and is the most unique and cost-effective means of providing enhanced antimicrobial protection for your environment.

Professionalism: Germinator's goal is to exceed your expectations. We achieve this by a commitment to excellence in our products and services. Our highly trained staff will treat you with respect and professionalism in all interactions.

Cost-Effectiveness: Germinator uses state-of-the-art services at the most competitive and cost-effective prices available. Our program improves upon routine janitorial services that use more harsh chemicals and have limited application capabilities.

Verification: Germinator is so confident in the efficacy of its program that it includes a verification component. For each application, we verify that the surface treatment and protectant services have achieved the intended results. We stand by our program.

Of course, if you are sick, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends not going to work at all. Unfortunately, many people do go to work sick, which makes it more difficult to disinfect the workplace and maintain a hygienic environment.

If you are interested in bringing Germinator to your workplace, call us at 855-NO-GERMZ (664-3769). We look forward to helping you take a proactive stance against the threat of germs, viruses and bacteria.

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