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Germinator is an Ideal Way to Help Maintain a Healthy Home that Feels and Smells Clean

December 15, 2015

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As of 01/01/2020 we no longer provide Ozone Sanitizing. This service is one of the many methods we have used in our quest to offer the most effective sanitizing and disinfecting. These studies and experiments led us to our current process, with products that are EPA registered as effective for their intended use and further validated by our own Scientific Board, allowing us to offer the most effective combination for sanitizing and disinfecting. Click here to read the updated version of this blog

Germinator Helps Create Hygienic Homes That Feel Clean and Smell Fresh First thing's first: what is ozone? Ozone is a gas. Gases can penetrate any porous object, making them perfect for air disinfection. How does ozone work? Ozone helps kill bacteria by rupturing the cell wall of the offending organism. This action kills the bacteria, leaving only harmless waste. After an ozone treatment, the bacteria is completely destroyed.

Air disinfection can be done in a number of ways, including the use of ultraviolet radiation which helps kill viruses and bacteria. However, for a lot of methods, the penetration can be limited. Chemical disinfectants can also be used for home sanitizing through spraying and vaporizing, but the products may not decompose and therefore end up leaving toxic residues that can be hazardous. Ozone treatment is probably the best and most effective disinfecting method because it is a powerful oxidizer that helps kill microorganisms before converting them into oxygen within a very short period of time.

However, ozone treatment is best done by professionals. Today, Germinator makes Ozone sanitizing easily available to anyone interested in a stronger home sanitizing service. Now, you can have your furniture, sports gear, sleeping bags, and more smelling fresh and clean, and sanitized almost instantly! Germinator is a breakthrough technology that redefines the concept of hygienic living space. We sanitize and disinfect virtually any item or surface inside homes, schools, hospitals, offices, and more. Best of all, we come to your location on a date and time that is convenient for you.

Ozone sanitizing has a number of other benefits, and they include the following:

Its gaseous form makes it very easy to fill areas and penetrate in a way that would have been hard to reach when using traditional methods.

This treatment saves you the time and money you would have used trying to clean bit-by-bit, item-by-item. One treatment is enough to help get rid of all odors fast and easily, regardless of the size of your belongings.

Ozone sanitization helps eliminate the risks of recontamination, considering that bacteria can easily spread from one area to another during traditional cleaning using tools and cleaning products. It does not leave any harmful chemical residue, so you can fully trust in a completely hygienic space afterward.

The treatment helps get rid of different kinds of odors, including cigarette odors, smoke odors, cooking odors, and animal odors, and it also inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria. Apart from getting rid of odors, this home sanitizing method helps eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other harmful elements.

It can be used in any given kind of setting, including residential, commercial, and industrial areas. It is flexible and effective and takes a short period of time to yield results that are sometimes beyond the expectations of clients.

Our process works great on all sorts of sporting equipment: football, ski boots, running shoes, bulletproof vests, motorcycle helmets and much more!

Once the Germinator shows up at your location, we do all the work and you enjoy the results. Our process uses both ozone and heat to sanitize and disinfect items. Our ozone technology has been scientifically proven in university and independent laboratory studies to help eliminate viruses and harmful bacteria. It also destroys bedbugs, lice, and dust mites.

Our goal is to create a hygienic and more comfortable environment for you, your family, and your co-workers. Fill out the form below to contact Germinator for service today!

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