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What Does Prophylactic Spray Do?

April 06, 2020

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You've no doubt heard the word prophylactic and not considered its meaning. The word comes from a Greek term that means an advanced guard. In short, it applies to taking preventive measures against something. If we mentioned prophylactic spraying, we would be referring to preventive spraying, but what does prophylactic spray do and what is it used for? Prophylactic spraying has been used in farming for decades to help keep pests from destroying crops. As it applies to cleaning and sanitizing, a prophylactic spray is a spray used to help prevent germs and bacteria. All of this is a fancy way of saying that a prophylactic spray is a proactive way of dealing with something.

Germinator's Prophylactic Spray

Proactive Versus Reactive

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is an example of reactive behavior. We are reacting to a health crisis in the best way we can. Suddenly the public is more aware of the importance of a sanitized and disinfected environment, being cautious of the things we touch because we aren't sure who else has touched them that might have been carrying the coronavirus, and even taking more care in sanitizing and disinfecting our home environments when someone in the home is sick. Sanitizing and disinfecting regularly and effectively is something we should be doing all the time, but it isn't always done, and if it is, it isn't always done effectively. A more aware public would not have stopped the current pandemic, but if the population as a whole had spent more time with consistent and effective sanitizing solutions, the outcome may have been different.

By no means are we saying that sanitizing and disinfecting alone are enough to prevent diseases like COVID-19. This disease was going to do what it has done already. What we are saying, however, is that a more thoughtful cleaning and sanitizing routine everywhere in the world, particularly in areas where the public gathers, would have at least helped create more hygienic environments. We're finding that out right now as the Centers for Disease Control push sanitizing every surface we touch. It's safe to say this has always been a recommended practice, but has this always been the case? If you're a business owner, do you truly know what products your cleaning staff use and if they're using them as directed? Are they taking shortcuts? Even if you have a cleaning and sanitizing routine in place, you may not know if it's being done appropriately unless you have time to oversee it.

The Current COVID-19 Pandemic is an Example of Reactive Behavior

Germinator Is the Ideal Solution to Proactive Versus Reactive

Germinator is the solution you've been waiting for to give your business, school, daycare, hospital, doctor's office, long-term living facility, gymnasium, movie theater, or store the convenient, proactive approach to creating and maintaing clean and hygienic environments. To start with, Germinator comes to you at your convenience. We use state-of-the-art services at the most competitive and cost-effective prices available. Germinator's program improves upon routine janitorial services that use more harsh chemicals and have limited application capabilities. Our HOCI solution uses no harsh fumes or chemicals, and we bring everything with us to accomplish the job.

Germinator Patent-Pending Process Process

Step One - Test Surfaces
We first test your surfaces for ATP using a luminometer to detect light that can come from cellular activity. This measurement immediately tells us the level of clean on your surfaces.

Step Two Application of Genesis Surface Treatment
Genesis is a one-step cleaner and broad-spectrum sanitizer and disinfectant treatment that harnesses the power of HOCl (hypochlorous acid) solution. Derived from naturally occurring minerals, Genesis not only eliminates odors at their source, but kills a wide range of bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, Salmonella enterica and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and viruses including norovirus, rotavirus and adenovirus on hard, non-porous, environmental surfaces. It meets the AOAC germicidal spray standards for Hospital Grade Disinfection and is on the EPA N List of products determined to meet the criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. As a result, this treatment will eliminate bacteria and viruses that may reside in your workplace without the use of harsh chemicals or fumes.

Step Three Application of Bacteriostatic Finish
Shield is a water-based quaternary ammonium compound that imparts a durable bacteriostatic finish to a wide range of non-food contact surfaces. It is EPA-registered as effective against mold, mildew, algae and odor-causing bacteria. This application creates an invisible barrier that combats deterioration and discoloration and promotes freshness for up to 3 months.

The Genesis and Shield products are applied by using an electrostatic sprayer, which is the most efficient and effective means of delivering the products to the intended application sites.

Step Four Retest Surfaces
After our surface treatment and protectant services, we retest to ensure the surfaces have achieved the intended results.

It's Never Too Late to Get Proactive Against Germs and Bacteria

The current COVID-19 pandemic doesn't appear to be going away soon. While there is no cure for COVID-19 and we are learning more about it every day, our Genesis HOCI solution is on the EPA N List of products determined to meet the criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The CDC recommends sanitizing and disinfecting often during this pandemic. Germinator is your best choice for your residential and commercial sanitizing and disinfecting needs. Today more than ever, it is important that your residential or commercial property takes appropriate measures to help protect surfaces against the threat of harmful microbes. We understand the importance of creating a cleaner and more hygienic environment so those who visit your home or commercial business can have greater peace of mind. That's why Germinator has developed a patent-pending process that provides a new generation of microbial protection for residential and commercial properties.

Right now, with so many essential businesses still open for business, sanitizing is more important than ever. The coronavirus may already be here, but if we all do our part, we can ensure we our environments are clean and hygienic. To learn more about Germinator call us at 855-NO-GERMZ (664-3769). Together we can make a difference.

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